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Martin LX Series – LXM Little Martin

LXM Acoustic Guitar If you’re looking for a quality acoustic guitar for a child or an adult with small hands, the Little Martins should be at the top of your list. It is the best in terms of quality, sound, and feel for a short-scale guitar.

This Little Martin is a travel guitar with a bigger sound that is comparable to a full-body acoustic guitar.

Many travel guitars have a brighter tone, because of the size, but the LXM, Little Martin, will surprise you with deeper, richer tones than expected.

The LXM Little Martin features a Spruce High-Pressure Laminate top with a textured finish in a Mahogany pattern. The HPL top is plastic shaped to look like wood but the material does not negatively affect the sound. The LXM is a great travel guitar, as well as, a beginning short-scale guitar.