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Acoustic Guitars

A Child's Guitar

The Loog Guitar:

The Loog was to designed to grow with the child. It’s a guitar that is comfortable, safe, and fun for small kids to learn on. The body comes in fun shapes with rounded corners or square. Their signature feature is “3 strings.” Find out how it grows!!!

Beginning Guitar:

Starting with the right guitar helps beginners build a good foundation upon which to develop their skills. Students need a guitar that fits well with them. One that is fun, looks nice and, most of all sounds good… a beginner-friendly guitar.

Martin says their guitars aren’t just a guitars. No, it’s playable history. Martin, as a company, started producing guitars in 1833. It is reported that soldiers in the civil war strummed Martin guitars around their campfires. They helped to shape the music world in the 20th century and they are still shaping the music world today. Many of todays top musicians, like Ed Sheeran and John Mayer, help to create the music of 2021 with a Martin Guitar.

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Taylor Acoustic Guitar Review

The BBT (Big Baby Taylor), a top travel acoustic guitar, is portable, playable, and affordable. It is designed after the bigger dreadnoughts, but size-wise, it is bigger than the Baby Taylor and smaller than the dreadnought. Even though the BBT is small, the volume and bass are more than other travel guitars.

 Taylor Mahogany GS MiniTaylor Mahogany GS Mini

Both the Big Baby Taylor and the GS Mini are great travel guitars while maintaining good sound quality. The GS Mini maintains the responsiveness and sustain that you’ve come to expect from the bigger guitars, yet, without the muddiness.


Image by Prettysleepy from Pixabay

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